Terms and conditions

We provide the best training to teachers in varied courses. But before you put your signature on the dotted line and start any course, you should be aware of all the terms and conditions.

Non refundable payment options: For every learner who get enrolled in any teaching course, should pay the course fees before starting of course. All fees, once they are paid are not refundable if by any chance it is discontinued for any reason. In case, the candidate is not able to complete the course, the payment is non refundable and the fee has to be forfeited.

Payment cancellation: You cannot cancel the fee payment to our institution. The payment is mostly non-refundable and decision of the project organizer is always final.

Course re-registration: If you are not able to complete the course within time, you are required to inform the authorities. If you cannot inform about your absence, your registration is canceled. If on any occasion the candidate wishes to continue the course, he has to register with an application fee.

Handing Task

There is a list of multiple choice questions that must be submitted online when the course. You also have to follow strict rules send an email Id to the task coordinator definitely online.

Registered E-mail

This email address specified by you at the time you enter is the email address registered with us for all correspondence. In case you want to change your email address, the candidate must immediately inform the academic coordinator. The task was delivered from another email address will not be accepted without prior notice. In the case of assignment to be renovated then you will be informed by the Coordinator online.

Time for evaluation

The Institute will take at least 10-15 business days to evaluate your Term End Task.


Certificates will be indented after successfully completing all tasks. No request will be entertained to issue the certificate before all the stages have been successfully completed. After last assignment was delivered processing and delivery of the certificate will take a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks time.

Course Duration

The website clearly mention the duration of the course of each program. No request false information about increasing the duration of course is entertained from every candidate.

Application and Applicant Background Information

All information given on receipt must be knowledge of the candidate. Contact information consists of the number of his / her telephone, email address, and postal address where he / she might be achieved. The name given in the form of recognition will appear on the certificate and cannot be changed. The email address cannot be changed and will be used for all correspondence. If there is a change of postal address then institute contact person must immediately signalled via email.

Information, Electronic Correspondence and Brochure

The information contained in all electronic correspondence, including web sites, and printed materials are often considered to be accurate. However, it can be subject to errors, changes, omission, course availability, special offers or withdrawal without notice. It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact the Institute official representative for periodic updates as a matter of course these offers may change without notice.

Important Notice

All official correspondence is done via e-mail unless the applicant on the application or otherwise indicates in writing that this is not a suitable mode of communication. Institute are equal opportunities for education, training, and teaching institution that encourage diversity in applicants, trainees, trainers, and staff.

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All nations have initiated giving much priority to basic education, and this has made teaching an evergreen job. There is a wide variety of subjects to teach and no matter how advanced the technology is it can never take away the teaching jobs.

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