Safety practices

We always try to keep your online information protected based on your own security standards and the practices. As our customer, you are in complete control of your requirements. This indulges having a control over the information that you provide us. We give respect to the privacy of our customers who use our website. Protection of our customer privacy is very important for us and you can remain fully assured as we disclose the following things.

How we collect all of your personal information?

What all information we collect from you?

With whom we will share the information?

Extra information

You can offer us additional information at the time of registration that will assist us in serving you much better. Such information helps us

  • In getting your personal identification
  • Completion of program registration
  • Facilitate us in contacting you for customer service, whenever required
  • Personalization of the content of our site to meet your specific requirements.
  • For making product improvements to our portal.

Moreover, your email address is collected for sending you an email message for confirming all reservation based services. Being a member you may sometimes receive messages and updates from us about all new product lines, special offers and all services. The members can select to offer with program preferences, all billing information, delivery address and all other personal information. This information are used for assisting members in making all sigh ups rapidly without the necessary of typing the same information repeatedly.

Forms and surveys

We may make use of information offered by you through surveys or any forms to understand your requirements in a good way so that we may offer you good quality services or products. Our motive is to use the information for consistent improvement of the write up, the functionality and the use of website.

Use of email

It is entirely your sole decision whether you want to send information over internet or not. It is because the information that is sent via email goes through various networks and it may have security issues. Therefore, an email may be copies, changed or damaged because of holes. We also keep your email securely so that we can effectively respond to all of your future responses. But we will also give respect to your respect of not getting contacted by email.


We might use session cookies to remember the information that you provide. The cookies are not intended for tracking your computer after you leave the website.

Updates on privacy statement

All our privacy statement might change anytime for collecting and using information from you in a very better and safe way for serving you better. We highly encourage to return to the page on frequent interval for any kind of updates.

With whom we share our information with

When you reserve or buy the training services through our website, we offer information about all third party agency involve in it to make sure the successful fulfillment of your arrangements.

What are your rights?

You have the right to tell us not to process your information or any pictures involve with you for marketing purposes. We will inform you well before we intend to use your data for any purposes or if we intend to disclose any of your information to any third party for any purposes. You can exercise your right to prevent any such processes by checking in certain boxes on the forms that we make use of for collection of data. You have the right to contact us anytime.

Our website, on frequent basis, may have links to and from websites of our partner networks, the advertisers and the affiliates. If you follow a link to any of these websites, please keep a note that these websites have their own privacy policies and we do not take any responsibility for these policies. Please have a look on these policies before providing any data.

Any question

If you have any question about our privacy statement, or our practices or experience, then feel free to contact us.

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