Mrs. Divya Prasad

Core Team Member - Training & Development

Mrs. Divya Prasad Profile

Divya Prasad, a post-graduate in Child Development from M.G university and also has a Diploma in Special Education (Autism). She worked at Educomp Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

She has been in education field for over a decade. During these years she has conducted teacher training program for experienced and aspiring teachers to empower them to carry on the learning, developed curriculum for pre-schools, audited the curriculum delivery, set –up preschools across Karnataka, Kerala and TamilNadu.

She believes that children with special needs are better equipped to deal with real life if they grew up with other normal children in an environment where each child is treated in same manner and society in general are sensitised to respect such children. She conducts workshop and orientation program voluntarily and on invite.

She conducts yoga programs for all age groups. She believes yoga and meditation can help children in overall development of keeping oneself calm and confident.

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All nations have initiated giving much priority to basic education, and this has made teaching an evergreen job. There is a wide variety of subjects to teach and no matter how advanced the technology is it can never take away the teaching jobs.

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