Advisory Panel

Aisha Singh

Aisha Singh is an Educator, Trainer, Speaker and a Serial Entrepreneur with a passion for education, personal transformation and community development. With over 12 years of journey as an Educator, Aisha Singh is on a journey to set a tribe of LEARNER DRIVEN COMMUNITY, to inspire every parent and every educator to nudge the possibilities passage to endow a child’s journey to discover every child’s gift and train them to excel. A tribe who are ready to blend and can set up the blending-learning environment to improve the achievement and well-being of children. Aisha Singh took a plunge into entrepreneurship for Ed-ventures and founded a company “CreativeKidz” an Early Learning Centre. She rooted other organizations “Kidzkare” as an Early Child Care Centre and “Apna Pathshala” India’s first microschool in all over Karnataka, India.
Aisha Singh runs an NGO- Daan Gyaan Charitable Trust, this trust is focused on women development. Under this trust she has educated 10,000+ Women with her Free Teacher Training Program, Beti Bachao Beti Padao, Sakhi Tattva-Women Incubation Centre, New India- Skill development for various kids. She is in foam to introduce various new programs to empower women.
Aisha Singh also runs an Educational Trust- Sannhitha Educational Trust, this trust is focused on child development. Under this trust she has educated 8,000+ BPL children with her various drives for benefiting the children in various parts of India. Her mission of “Spreading Smiles” has been buzzing news for all the good notions around the world.
She has been awarded as a Social Entrepreneur by many reputed institutions.
Aisha Singh is a Corporate Trainer & Certified POSH Trainer. She has treasure trove of experience in Corporate Companies on various topics like Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Office Etiquette, Conflict Management etc.
She feels Women Empowerment can be done by Legal Empowerment. She has trained thousands of employees on “Prevention,Prohibition & Redressal of Sexual Harassment of Women at work-place Act.
She does ICC Refresher & part of ICC External Member. She is on a mission to Evangelise POSH to Corporate, Offices & SMEs.

Dr. Poovazhagan Ulaganathan

Dr. Poovazhagan ulaganathan is the Founder of Therakeyz. Dr.poovazhagan comes with a vision of empowering children special needs and their parent.
He has been a social entrepreneur and operates Therakeyz with a mission and vision to contribute not only to the well being of children but also to the wellbeing the society.
He is a strong believer in alternative systems in medicine.
He is a certified in physical therapist, neuropathy and yoga. He also has multiple certifications from renowned institutions in Acupressure, hearing language and speech, developmental therapy, adaptive physical activity, exercise prescription, manual therapy, Play therapy, Sensory integration.
His has multiple educational endeavors and continues to value add in the sphere of special education and making difference in lives of young children with special needs.

Mrs. Durga Utpala

Mrs. Durga Utpala is a certified global career counsellor has been a dedicated member of the educational fraternity for over two decades. She is an esteemed member of the Early Childhood Association, she has connected schools with ECA for their mutual growth and played a major role in organizing the first ever ECA conference in Telangana.
She has been a guide for both urban and rural schools in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. She has facilitated many workshops and certified over 600 admission counsellors , administration managers and teachers at renowned institutions like DSR educational Society, Sanskriti educational Society, Delhi schools of excellence, Akshara group of schools and many more with key topics like Strategic sales, People management, Networking, Effective leadership, Parenting technique, Revenue generation and management to improve sales bottom line and thus increase school’s revenue.
She has played a diverse role in India and USA as founder director, business consultant, administrational manager, mentor, trainer, motivational speaker, career counsellor and financial advisor. She is a business management professional with expertise and experience in starting, building, growing and improving the profitability performance and the value of educational organizations.
She has been instrumental in guiding many students towards choosing right career alternatives. She came up as a solution for bullying at many schools with her fun filled motivational speeches for children.
As the Business mentor and financial advisor for K-12 schools and preschools. She is responsible for exploring best locations for educational institutions. Plan, design and mold any building into a beautiful learning institution. Recruiting team building and training the staff. Planning and execution of school launch with different marketing strategies, helping the school with smart strategic sales. She has been awarded as the business mentor of the year award 2020 by CISR FOUNDATION.

Ms Ashoka Beera

Ms Ashoka Beera is the Director- Principal of Noble Palm International School and CEO of Noble Palm Skills School. She is a life member of ECA(India) &APER, ISTD Hyd Chapter, Governing Body Member of Indian Forum of Educator, IFE. She is GOALs-2 Mentor for the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, India. She is also a lifetime Professional Member of Institute of Scholars (InSc) and is recognised as a reviewer for InSc International Journal of Management and Social Studies.
This year she was given an award, Bharatiya Shiksha Ratan(2021)
She is an award winner of best research paper presentation at Sydney. She travelled to Germany and Italy along with a team of Educators to study about Frobel’s original kindergarten, Waldorf Schools, Maria Montessori original school, Regio Emilia international museum .
Ms.Beera had the opportunity to present a paper in Mumbai conference of ECA in 2016 which was published in ECA journal. Her next research paper presentation was at Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research, APIAR. At the conference of ICMAR at Sydney, Australia Ms. Beera’s paper was adjudged the Best in Education.
Ms. Ashoka Beera is an experienced school leader with a demonstrated history of working in the Education Management Industry. She is skilled in Career Development, Coaching, Educational Consulting, Learning Management and instructional design. She has trained students in soft skills and aptitude. Ms.Ashoka Beera is a continuous learner, having academic qualifications of Masters in Biological Sciences(1979) Bachelors of Education (1980) Masters in Education(1994) Masters in Arts-Education(2015) . She attends all the possible conferences of education as a delegate and speaker. In the period of virtual mode of functioning of schools.
Ms.Beera has created learning groups for teachers. Many webinars are facilitated by her and others educators so that all will help each other to uplift each other in difficult times. This is facilitated through Scale Up to Education 4.0 , a group with vision to help teachers with digital transformation. As a part of the mission of the group, a skills and talents upgrading of children through tasks and activities is being done by volunteering parents, youth and dedicated teachers.

Naimisha Sanghavi

Founder, Sensorian Edutech.
Ms. Naimisha Sanghavi has an enriching experience of More than two decades in product ideation and positioning, business strategy and development, Content development. She has been an extraordinary team lead and nurtures individual potential in the team.
She believes learning is a never-ending process.
She has been instrumental in developing learning programs (k-8) for multiple well-known publishers across India and internationally as well. She has played a key role in partnering with international publishers to bring out their pub-list, conceptualizing and developing their education and edutainment books and online content.
She is also a strategic advisor to Let’stute. She has a huge inclination towards writing and has writing many stories, which are published in multiple platforms.
She is a firm advocate of integration of art and drama into curriculum of students at school at all levels and has been working towards training and educating parents and teachers towards it.
She is honored to be a MOC (Mentor of Change) with AIMS (Atal Innovation Mission). She has conducted multiple sessions for students and teacher community to enrich them.

Sanket Phadke

PreschoolCoach & Founder at Creative31minds
Sanket Phadke, Preschool Coach is on a mission to help 10,000 entrepreneurs to start, grow, and manage their preschool business by 2030. With more than a decade of experience in the Preschool industry, he founded Creative31minds, which aims exclusively to help the branding and visibility of the preschools and building their enterprising needs.
He believes in strategizing cost-effective ways to advertising, promotions and publicizing to elevate preschools to different league of business.
His passion for his mission is unmatched and he has proven it by his various successful initiatives. and since then has been the most trusted, dependable, and reliable guide to every aspirant to become an entrepreneur in the early childhood education field.